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A day in the life: Bean to Bottle Castor Oil.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This blog takes you through the journey our hand-made castor oil takes to make it home to you.

We do not say this lightly, but our castor oil is traditional in a bottle.

First things first, it takes us five kilos of naturally grown castor beans and a whole week to make a single batch of this castor oil.

An incredible amount of patience, hard work and tradition goes into every bottle of castor oil you lay your hands on.

1. First, our locally sourced, naturally grown castor beans are cleaned, shelled and sun-dried by hand.

2. After this, we slow roast them, much like coffee, in a copper vessel on a smokeless wood-fired stove.

3. Our women then do more work. After a round of hand-pounding, our castor beans get stone-ground.

And, the beans now start to release all that good stuff inside.

4. The next day, per Ayurvedic texts, we boil our castor paste in hot water, first thing in the morning, just as the sun rises.

5. Our oil then hygienically rests all day under natural sunlight, precisely as Ajji wants it.

6. Think that is all? Nope. We're only halfway there.

On day two, we add some naturally grown turmeric and boil it again.

And then,

As the soothing fragrance of fresh castor oil wafts across the farm, we cook it one last time.

7. The honest hands of the women at our farm pack this beauty up in sustainable glass bottles and label it by hand.

PS: We reuse all our bottles to be as eco-friendly as possible.

The next day, we do this work all over again. And, we're thrilled to do it.

We're on a mission. It is simple.

Bring the magic of Ajji's castor oil bath - her soothing, loving, steaming yenne snaana back to you.

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