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Chennamma ajji Grassroots Organic Farms

Chennamma ajji

Being a widow, I run my household on my own with my job here.  

Since my family has traditionally made castor oil for years, I take care of  it at Grassroots. 

I have seen this place grow from its very first days. Now the oil we make reaches a thousand families every month.  

Sashi aunty  Grassroots Organic Farms

Sashi aunty

I am the very first employee at Grassroots.  Now, I am the team leader.


I oversee production, assign day-to-day work regarding oil extraction and production. I also take care of packaging.

Before, I used to cook mid-day meals for a local school. Now I have the joy of going home early and cooking for my family. 

Jaylakshmamma ajji  Grassroots Organic Farms

Jaylakshmamma ajji

I am a widow and the only earning member of my family.


I stay close by and  make the castor oil in your hands along with Chenamma. 


Vasantha aunty Grassroots Organic Farms

Vasantha aunty

I used to work at a  garment industry before. The commute itself used to take hours of my time and I rarely went home early.

Being able to work closer to home has freed up a lot of time. There is nothing better than going home by evening, whipping up a warm dinner for my family.

Ganesha Grassroots Organic Farms


A foodie by heart and a driver by profession, I make sure all your oils are at your door in Mandya, Mysore and Bangalore. 


I drive around all day as part of my job and sometimes, stop for a good Pani Puri on the way back home. 

Sheku Grassroots Organic Farms


My wife and I both work here. I love that we can have lunch together at work too! 

I extract oil and in my free time, I like riding autos. As a kid, I always liked big vehicles and now feel content whenever I ride them.

Nandan Grassroots Organic Farms


 I used to work in an industry in Nanjangud before I lost my job when COVID hit. Grassroots gave me a job and I bounced back.


I handle oil extraction all day and once work is done, I play sports. It gives me the energy to keep going in life.

Basavaraju Grassroots Organic Farms


I love animals. I take care of all the cows, hens, dogs, and cats of Grassroots.

I also love working in the agricultural field. I enjoy going to bed after a long day, knowing my animals will be waiting for me tomorrow. 

"From Our Hands to Yours: Experience the Magic of Artisanal Creations by Rural Women and Youths"

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