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Love is oily.

A simple tale of a father and son taking care of the woman they so love.

Picture credit: Adele Steinberg, Father and Son at the beach (2010)

That day, Sankalp and his dad Naveen were having a healthy debate about their favourite IPL teams while preparing some delicious veg cutlet. Before it went on the table, they tasted it just because they wanted to save themselves from Prathima, the self-proclaimed master chef of the house. They were overjoyed because it tasted different, and with excitement, they asked her to come to the dinner table. She tasted it with uncertainty. It tasted different.

She asked, “what is so special today?”

It was not mothers' day. It was not her birthday. They did not need a day to participate in celebrating each other. They did not need a special day to make better choices about their well being.

“Your cutlet tastes so delicious and different?”

They said, "It is just because we switched to bull-driven oil.

She was curious to know about bull-driven oil. She asked, "what is this now?"

Did you not buy the usual refined oil from the supermarket?

“Amma, let me tell you the facts,” Sankalp started to explain things.

Happy to add to his mother’s goal of being a family that loves, enjoys and craves healthy food.


It has a legacy since 1500 BC and is the traditional way of extracting oils from fruits, vegetables and seeds. Ghanas can be seen chiselled in various temples across south India.

The duration

It takes a very long time to extract the oil, and each minute it takes 2-3 rotations; hence the oil is extracted at room temperature. Bull-driven cold-pressed oil It retains the natural properties of the seeds. These oils are chemical-free and have a limited shelf life as they are free from preservatives.

Full of nutrients

Absolutely no heat is generated during the entire process of oil making. The nutrients present in the seeds actually make it to the oil - vitamins, antioxidants and protein, everything. They carry the seeds' taste and aroma, making the cooking experience special.

After listening to these, she asked what makes a difference to the regular oil we see in the supermarket? Naveen said, "The oils in supermarket are not pure; they go through the vigorous process, and it is extracted using modern machines, which produces heat and the oil loses its capacity to its goodness. It is also refined and bleached"

"That is so thoughtful of you both," said Pratima

She appreciated their action towards working for a healthier, lighter life.

They watched the match that evening and guessed who won? Love, health, and sports.

Make some cutlet for the one you love:

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