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  • Why Grassroots Organic Farm?
    We're farmers who've found our way back home. Grassroots is a little organic farm in Srirangapattana. The food you buy from us creates rural livelihood. Especially for women. They are our primary workforce. We deliver the hand-made goodness of organic oils, jaggery and other goodies to your doorstep. The more motivated you are to have a healthy lifestyle, the more jobs you create in our village!
  • Why do you use glass bottles for packaging?
    Microplastics are now in mother's milk. That is how much plastic pollution our world is facing. In the interest of your health and our earth, we pack all our oils in glass bottles only. To encourage you to go green, we provide a discount when you return the bottle on your next purchase.
  • Are bull-driven oils and machine cold-pressed oils are same?
  • Why it doesn’t feel the same?
    Machine cold-pressed oil produces a lot of heat due to 30-40 Rotations per minute and it loses its nutrition profile and Viscosity. It ‘doesn’t smell the same because the process makes it difficult to restore goodness. Whereas Bull-driven oils do smell and give that therapeutic feeling and restore the natural nutrition profile due to it is produced in 2-3 Rotations per minute and it doesn’t emit the heat during the process.
  • What is the shelf life of your bull-driven oils?
    All of our are completely free of chemicals, odorizers and preservatives. Use them in 3 months after opening and before 6 months, if unopened.
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