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My story started long before you got here. 


Your grandmother walked on me 

Thatha ate under that mango tree

You grew up here. 


It all started in a symbiotic symphony. 

I am a piece of land on this earth.

I was always alive.


Flying birds, and happy trees

I wrote poems with my streams.

I have fed you for years

with everything your body needs. 



She knew.


What I gave in love, she always took

She started her mornings with my ragi, and I was free.

But time passed, as it always does.

They polished the rice I gave

and wanted all my mangoes to look the same. 


Nonchalantly, the chemicals came.

They made me produce more than I could. 

Now, there were traces of poison in your food. 


My soil turned into an avid playground.

My grass was uprooted, earthworms cried, rivers died.

And the hummingbird stopped coming by.

Of the many that left me, a few looked back. 

And some returned. 

Leaving behind AC offices 

the rush of generations and plastic flowers



their way home,

someone came back for me.

Together, we forge a world that was always ours

and the heart inside me is beating again. 

New thoughts rooted in old ways

We have built something beautiful today. 


Cows grazing, hens pecking

All the creatures I love have a place

and livelihoods for everyone who came. 

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