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Five things about our Bull-driven Groundnut Oil

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

And, a sweet little story for you :)

It was one of those endless monsoons. Everyone had a runny nose. But Mysore was different. The city filled with stories of kings and queens. Mysore spoke through her rain- best enjoyed with hot chai and Pakodas.

Panting by Andrew Pugach

After a few days of being wrapped in the coziest blanket, Kajol and her friend Nandan ventured out in the drizzling rain. Nandan prepared her favourite samosa using bull-driven groundnut oil and hot chai in a flask was also packed in his backpack.

She spotted tangas near the Palace and said, “let’s go”

They started munching while the tanga passed by the most iconic statues and roads.

She asked why it was delicious and light; he said it was because he had included the finest ingredients and fried them with bull-driven groundnut oil. For that, he explained:

Bull-driven method of oil extraction dates back to 1500 BC, and it’s the healthiest method of extracting oils.

“That’s fascinating; what are the benefits then? ”

The benefits of bull-driven Groundnut Oil

  • Bull-driven Cold-pressed ground nut oil Improves insulin resistance

Since bull-driven groundnut oil is rich in unsaturated fats, it regulates blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. That means it’s good for diabetes and your PCOS.

  • Groundnut oil Reduces cholesterol.

Groundnut oil is stuffed with phytosterols. It reduces the cholesterol that can be observed in your blood. It stops cholesterol from absorbing into those samosas and your favourite food.

  • Bull-driven groundnut oil is good for heart health.

Vitamin E compliments this oil; it goes as a bonus. The polyunsaturated fats go hand in hand to protect your heart by helping you fight radicals and keep your heart healthy.

  • Groundnut oil has a bunch of healthy fatty acids.

It has a significant amount of healthy fat as the oils are cold-pressed and appropriate for maintaining muscle and cardiovascular health. It has various acids, such as oleic acid etc., that bring a smooth transition to your healthy lifestyle.

  • Support rural farming with your lifestyle modification

Buying grassroots bull-driven oil brings lifestyle change for rural women employed at the farm. They put their heart and soul into getting this oil to your doorstep, and meanwhile, adopting organic produce brings a lot of change in your lifestyle, and you can have a holistic health approach.

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