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The Good Old Joys of Oil Baths.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Seeping back in time for sweet relief.

Benefits of bull-driven castor oil bath
Amma is giving oil bath after applying bull-driven castor oil

PC: Pragathi Achar

Ah, the Oil Baths. An ancient technique that rejuvenates the mind and the body, still alive in our country, particularly in our Southern states. The Siddha medicine system calls it "Yennai Kuliyal." In Kannada, we call it "Yenne Snaana" Beyond being a medical therapy, the Oil Bath has has seeped into the cultural fabric of India. The oil bath is connected with festivals, weddings, and even as a weekend routine. The good stuff. In Ayurveda, the most preferred Oil for massaging is referred to as Taila, or Oil is sesame oil. North Indians call it Til, while for people in Andhra and Karnataka, it is gingelly oil, and Tamilians call it Nalla Ennai. Plain coconut oil is not considered the best Oil for bathing because it neither can penetrate into the skin like sesame oil. Mustard oil is prevalent in the northern and eastern parts of India for massaging the tender skin of newborn babies, while babies in South India get castor oil massages. It is also a common folk practice to consume castor oil in small quantities to clean the digestive system in these regions. According to Ajji, men should take oil baths on Wednesdays and Saturdays to strengthen their bodies and live longer. On the other hand, Tuesdays and Fridays are ideal days for women for good health and prosperity. Even though the prosperity part of Oil Bath is questionable, we can't ignore its health benefits. We dug up some of them for you down here: Quench your skin: Changing seasons bring many changes to your skin and the formation of a layer of dried patches. Excessive dryness can lead to rashes. No worries if you have a bottle of cold-pressed, chemical-free sesame oil. The Oil is famed to make your skin soft and supple and shoo away dryness. Keeps Depression Far, Far Away: They say Oil can actually lubricate the mind from the inside and keep it strain-free. Just give yourself an oil massage after a hectic day, and you wouldn't question the healing power of Oil. Tired eyes can be rejuvenated by a two-finger massage of sesame oil, and headaches won't need any balms to get cured if you give your scalp a nice coconut oil massage. Keeps you cool: Body massages with sesame oil release excess heat from the body and are the major reason for taking an oil bath. Forget hot flashes and chills in changing seasons. Sesame oil massage will help your body to adjust to the outside temperature. Scalp health: Scorching summers come with hair fall and dandruff troubles. But it only happens when you don't massage your scalp with oils. Also, if you're facing premature hair greying issues, there could be a reason that your scalp is in need of some attention. When you were a newborn baby, you were gently slathered in oil and bathed till your little hands and legs turned pink. Maybe your brain does not remember it now, but hey, try it once again, and your body will thank you. And maybe, you will hear your tired bones recall the joy of a good Old Oil Bath. After all, your body works so hard for you, day and night, year after year. You deserve the soothing sweet relief of a nice hot Castor Oil bath. Trust us. We make traditionally crafted, cold-pressed, hand-made Ghana oils to make your oil bathing experience heavenly. Check us out here.

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