Bull driven, cold pressed, single origin, specialty cooking oils

Bull Driven Oils and Organic Food Products

Cooking Oils -
straight from the ancient art

oil making.

Our Products

Eating chemical-free food while creating  jobs in our village
- a beautiful way to build a better world.

So. Many. Oils.

castor, sesame, groundnut, sunflower, safflower, niger, or coconut - you pick :)

The story of our soil



Your grandmother walked on me 

Thatha ate under that mango tree

You grew up here. 


It all started in a symbiotic symphony. 

I'm a piece of land on this earth

 who was always alive.

Flying birds, and happy trees

 I wrote poems with my streams.

 Fed you for years

 with everything your body needs. 

“Health is wealth”. I am glad I decided to change my kitchen to the quality organic products of yours. The oil , liquid jaggery and ghee , each one is speaking the quality on its own and we feel great! It’s high time we change to chemical free , nutritionally rich and environmental friendly products.
Thank you guys, keep up the good work in betterment of our health. Wishing you best 😊

Dr Shashikala Anand